Kevin Chambers

Cinematic Singer-Songwriter


Music and Lyrics by Kevin Chambers


I saw you standing there with your headphones on, and a torn hole in your jeans

Surrounded by a hundred eyes, but did you see me

In this crowded elevator

Won't you take us down


Let's go underground

See the world beneath our feet

Let's go underground

We'll have it all to ourselves

The deeper we go the more gravity pulls us

So let's go, go down

Let's go underground



Let the subway cars replace the stars as we dodge the lights

And several miles later, we won't know where we are

Though time has stopped, the clock keeps ticking

So let's not waste a second


We'll both get lost between the rails

And hope we don't get stuck by nails

Just me and you and everyone we know

We know


© 2016 Kevin Chambers