Kevin Chambers

Cinematic Singer-Songwriter


Music and Lyrics by Kevin Chambers


Don't know how it starts, but you know the feeling

Suddenly you're pressed up against a ceiling

We've been through this before

But here we go again, running 'round in circles

Ready on your mark to jump these hurdles

And end up on the floor

No sense of direction


We've lost the way home

But I don't wanna be alone

We've lost the way home

Don't wanna be alone


Sleep until you're numb and the light starts fading

Try and slow it down, but days are racing

And time won't wait for us

You're ready to move on, but you're still uncertain

Coming to the close, the final curtain

A stage reduced to dust


Help me to find my way

'Cause I need to find my way home


© 2016 Kevin Chambers