Kevin Chambers

Cinematic Singer-Songwriter


Music and Lyrics by Kevin Chambers


You're the card I'm holding up my sleeve

Only ace in the hole I'll ever need

Cause when the river shows and all my chips are down

That's when I'll need you around


Cause people fall in love and I've seen the spark

And they don't compare to us, no they miss the mark

At the end of the day, when it's all said and done

You're my everyone


You are my sinner, and you're my priest

You're my hunger pains, and you're my feast

You are my argument, and my resolve

The remedy to all of my faults


Day after day and hour by hour

We'd sit and we'd wait, wait for the showers

To be on their way

But I know that sun will shine

With you by my side, I won't ever feel alone

No I won't


© 2016 Kevin Chambers