Kevin Chambers

Cinematic Singer-Songwriter


Music and Lyrics by Kevin Chambers


I can see the people gathering below

Their eyes reflecting the sun

They must think that I might lose my balance

But this man's not about to give in to the fall

I take a breath and go


As I begin to walk, the crowd stirs

And holds their breath with every step

They think it's over, but what they don't know

Is that my walk above has only just begun

It's time to start the show


As I perform I feel alright

I take each giant leap in stride

No fear of falling down, I take my time

Until I see the guards appearing all around

No longer safe and sound


So when I'm gone, remember me

But not for all the things I've said

Take time to pause and look up to the sky

Look up and see the man who walked among the stars

And all that you will feel will be ours


© 2014 Kevin Chambers