Kevin Chambers

Cinematic Singer-Songwriter


Music and Lyrics by Kevin Chambers


Lookin' out across the bay

Searchin' for the end of the day

When everything that I believe

Lies somewhere beyond the sea


But oh, the cards, they fall your way

Time and time again

Call me back some other day

Start a new game with you

We'll see whose got the better hand


Sittin' out on the dock just waitin' for the words to pop up in my head

But it's alright, come on down, I could use your interruption now

The tide is high and the sun's set low

And the rain died down about an hour ago

So just sit right here

Waste another day with me


Another day is yours to mend

While the sun reminds us it's the end

But even so you come to me

Like I got what you wanna see


She's out of touch

My baby, she hurts too much

Even though I can't explain

So come on out

Show you what I'm talkin' about


© 2014 Kevin Chambers